Light Calligraphy by Julien Breton

French artist Julien Breton, also known as Kaalam, creates these dazzling light calligraphy using a light stick and long-exposure photographic techniques.

The Nantes-based artist creates his own Latin-based alphabet that heavily draws from traditional Arabic and Eastern calligraphy.

Julien has also added performance art into the mix, doing live light calligraphy shows with dancers in front of audiences around the world.

"The ink becomes light, the paper becomes photography and the calligraphy itself becomes choreography".

None of these photographs are retouched or edited.

"I see myself as a researcher. I love and am always delighted to find new media to integrate into calligraphy or with which to practise it. For example, I invented a technology permitting the creation of virtual calligraphy in real time. Here rather than in light calligraphy where the spectator has to wait until the end of the performance to actually see the calligraphy, he or she can witness its construction in real time projected large scale unto a building for example."

"Light calligraphy is such a special and unique process. It takes place in the dark and outside and thus unlike traditional calligraphy it takes you out of the studio. When working on paper there is a limit in terms of size but also involvement. With light calligraphy, the scale is limitless and the practice involves the whole body. Like a choreography, it requires numerous repetitions because in a performance there can be no false move or hesitation. This said I work out my designs on paper first."

All images are © Copyright of Julien Breton

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Source: IAM


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