E-Waste Sculptures by Haribaabu Naatesan

Artist Haribaabu Naatesan reassembles electronic waste (e-waste) together to create incredible works of art.

"The philosophy of my art is to create awareness of reusing e-waste. It is design in art form or vice versa. It is not art for art's sake."

"My realization through exhibitions is that people get engaged to my art. They try and discover the objects or pieces that I have used in it. My art is for common people. It is understood by all. For example, computer engineers could relate to it by identifying things in my artwork which he comes across in his daily life. Similarly, a kid gets engaged by the toys used in my art. A waiter gets attracted by the toothpicks, stirrer, etc. Girls identify hair clips, pins and other objects in my art. I, as an artist, provoke, trigger, and remind people of their memories. I make my audience locate and look at things in a new perspective."

Check his website: http://www.fossilss.com/index.html


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