Slate Sculptures by Stephen Kettle

British sculptor Stephen Kettle created this 1.5 ton statue of Alan Turing located at Bletchley Park in Britain, made exclusively with slate.

It took a total of 18 months to complete.

"Stacking slate, and the process involved, takes a great deal of time and the process can not be speeded up without compromising quality which, I couldn’t do. Accurate stone -work is the real core of my identity and I have self imposed a set of rules that I would find difficult to deviate from."

"When I am working on a piece, I almost begrudge my time away from it because I enjoy it that much. All of my sculptures are created using shadow as well as light. Stacked slate has to be lit correctly to show how it can cut light. I find that getting this message across is the most difficult part of my work."

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