Museum of Supernatural History by Zim & Zou

French duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of the graphic studio Zim & Zou (previously here and here) are back with their latest window display for the Hermès store in Shanghai.

The hand-made animal sculptures are intricately crafted from hundreds of paper and leather offcuts from Hermès workshops in Paris.

Inspired by a Museum of Natural History and a Cabinet of Curiosities, the window displays thematically are influenced by nature (the two main windows relate to air and water, while the two smaller ones about earth).

"We had this idea of a museum while discovering the architecture of the building. Its historical past gave this place a special aura. We wanted to recreate this mysterious atmosphere, so typical to a Museum of Natural History."

Their favorite parts of the ‘air’ themed display case is the ornate peacock that took them 15 days to finish.

"It measures almost 1.5 meters, fully hand-made with paper and tape for the structure, leather offcuts carefully selected from Hermès workshops for the feathers and head, and just two small pearls to give it a 'deeper look'. We wanted it to show its back to passers-by and just a quick look up its shoulder. Not just because its back is very detailed and has the most beautiful feathers, but we tried to make it feel like it is a proud and elegant bird."

"It’s quite a long process, but that’s the most exciting thing, too. To create the birds, we have to start by the tail, then we go up and finish by the head. It’s always a very special moment when we’re finally discovering their faces and characters."

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