The Fragility of Time by Ignacio Canales Aracil

Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil creates these stunning sculptures using only pressed flowers, for his series ‘The Fragility of Time.’

The artist weaved the hand-picked flower stems onto a large plastic mold, the finished artworks are sprayed with a light varnish to protect them from moisture.

"The sculptures are made with flowers and plants from different gardens and nurseries that work in collaboration with me. They allowed me to cut their flowers and work on their premises while choosing, pressing and drying the flowers."

"The roughness of the process which requires lots of physical effort contrasts with the delicacy and fragility of the finished sculpture. Which although its fragile it is made to last, as some ancient collections of dried pressed flowers are dated 500 years ago. Tradition is a very important value in my work. The sculptures are varnished with a matt spray in order to prevent them from moisture accept for the first sculpture in which I used a glossy varnish."

"Working with flowers trying to preserve their beauty, faces directly the fears that we share in the society about time. Life and death are confronted in a piece which celebrates beauty, sexuality and time. Fighting with and against nature. Recovering the time and the crafts of the process helps me to understand in the search of a complete work of art and the seed of my practice."

"Working with flowers makes me deal with its many implications, starting to work when it is in fullness and aiming to preserve its beauty through death."

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