Welded Steel Animal Sculpture by David Freedman

Artist David Freedman created these animal sculptures using wrought iron, bronze, stainless steel and carved wood.

"My work is usually based on natural forms and though it is not abstract, I never seek to copy nature, but mimic shapes, explore its patterns and rhythms and produce work that creates atmosphere and life."

The UK Forestry Commission asked him to make a sculpture for the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire, England as part of a sensory trail.

"I chose the fallow deer to represent the local wildlife and I designed it to be more of a shadow or 'spirit of a deer' than a lifelike representation. I wanted to give viewers the sensation you get when you chance upon a secretive animal in the distance, silent and camouflaged. Hence he is not intended to be a solid object."

"The piece took about two months to construct, using hand forged wrought iron. It stands about 9 feet tall in total and it has been galvanised for long term protection. The galvanising process produces a bright shiny finish, so I dulled this with a mild acid to a more aged, tarnished finish."

Check his website: www.davidfreedmansculpture.co.uk/


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