Paper Sculptures by Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier creates replicas of everyday items made of old papers.

"I remake household items from found & recycled papers, giving new life to items that would otherwise be thrown away."

"My practice focuses on creating work from paper; by bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching I produce unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are treated as if cloth, with the main technique employed being stitch – a contemporary twist on traditional textiles."

"The papers themselves serve as both the inspiration and the media for my work, with the narrative of the books and papers suggesting the forms, for example a sewing machine made from dress making patterns, or a camera out of vintage photographs."

"I tend to find papers, by scouring charity shops and flea markets, then investigate a way in which they can be reused and transformed; giving new life to things that would otherwise go unloved or be thrown away."

"ALL of my work is handmade by me, and all incorporate hand or machine stitch. Many simply start life as a simple doodle in my diary. My way of working is essentially still based on the processes of my past work and my textiles training- making a pattern, producing a toile to check the pattern or template ‘works’ and then creating the ‘real’ piece of work from beautiful found and recycled papers. In layman’s terms it is a bit like then you draw the net of a box from scratch, cut it out, fold and construct it; but mine are much more complicated shapes…"

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Source: makeitindesign


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