Recycle Runway by Nancy Judd

Artist and environmental educator Nancy Judd uses recycled trash to create various clothing items for her Recycle Runway collection.

Youth Eco-Dress - made by 2,000 children out of recycled office paper.

“I love taking garbage—something that people want to push away from and not think about—and transform it into something elegant.”

Re-visoning Erté - made from silk scraps, leftover from a jacket my mother made over 30 years ago, and aluminum cans.

Each of her works can take between 100 to 450 hours to complete.

Opal - made from a picnic basket, a vintage dress, plants collected at the Conservancy’s Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, and dried flowers from the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

Nancy uses her artworks to inspires the public to help care for the planet.

Aluminum Drop Dress - made of aluminum cans

"I find fashion to be an effective way of getting these ideas across. People seem to respond positively to a pretty dress. It’s a cheerful way to encourage people to think about deeper issues."

Glass Evening Gown - made of 12,000 pieces of recycled crushed glass

Crime Scene - made of police tape from police crime scenes across the west, cover a dress made from torn table cloths.

Eco-Flamenco - cereal boxes painted with recycled paint have been transformed into cascades of ruffles that contain over 5,000 eco-pledges—commitments of actions that people will take to help the environment. The ruffles cover a dress made from parachute scraps.

Check here for more photo documentary of the creation of Eco-Flamenco.

Check her website:


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