Realistic Miniature Worlds by Alamedy Diorama

Iraqi artist Alamedy Diorama created these highly realistic miniature using recycled materials.

"When a budding artist has a burning desire to create a vignette, they don’t let the lack of building materials stop them. This was exactly what happened to me when I started to make miniatures. I used any resources I could scrounge: aluminum foil, paper clips, plastic rods, foam board, coffee for weathering; anything that held possibilities."

"Born in Karbala, about 100km from Baghdad, I spent my childhood with my mother and aunt. My father had been imprisoned as a dissident by the Saddam Hussein regime, so I retreated to my love for art and reading for solace. As the tales I read seemingly came to life, I envisioned each scene in my head as it unfolded. I bought my first computer when I was sixteen and began my search for 3D software."

"When I started making miniatures, I knew nothing about them. I was searching the web for resources and stumbled upon the word ‘miniatures’ and got surprised to discover how many miniature makers were out there. I started looking for tutorials and posted the results of my work on Facebook. My work attracted many people from around the world and in a very short time I got more than 2,000 friends and followers."

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Source: boredpanda


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