Metallic Gel Pens Drawings by John Paul "Lakan" Olivares

Filipino artist John Paul "Lakan" Olivares creates these beautiful drawings using metallic gel pens on the black (reverse) side of illustration board.

"My art has always been a sort of advocacy, where I share for people to experience more on what I know . . . and in this case it is the divine world. I am in pursuit of my spiritual path, and in that journey visions are revealed to me which I share through art, and at times I share them through the written word."

"In my earlier works, my paintings also revolved an advocacy to share aspects of the traditional indigenous cultures of the Philippines, such as their myths and arts. This was nurtured by my interaction with the various indigenous groups here, and I have been adopted by two "tribes"."

"There are many ways I get these divine inspirations; through dreams, in meditation or even in flashes while I am doing something else."

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