Vegan Food Mandalas by Amalia Bussard

Maryland Institute College of Art senior Amalia Bussard created these beautiful food mandalas.

"Five years ago I began my “clean eating” journey. By removing unnatural and processed foods from my diet, I was introduced to the wonderful world of super foods. I was inspired by these foods, they were all so beautiful and vibrant in appearance, I considered each one to be a work of art in itself! I couldn’t help but arrange them in an artful way every time I’d make something to eat".

"This whole process of creating my bowls is meditative and very therapeutic for me, so I tend to do it everyday. Not to mention I'm left with a delicious and nourishing meal after I'm done!"

"About three months ago I decided to create an Instagram account called “The Wholesome Bowl”. Using food as my medium, I create vegan/vegetarian culinary art pieces, photograph them, and then share them with the world on a daily basis via Instagram. My drive to share these food art mandalas with the world stems from a deep desire to inspire people. With a little guidance, we are all capable of living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle!"

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Source: boredpanda


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