Art From Ashes by Adam Brown

Missouri-based painter Adam Brown use the cremated remains of a loved one (or pet) to make a memorial portrait, abstract, or landscape.

“It hit me that having ashes in an urn on a fireplace would be a good way to remember that someone died, but having them in a piece of art is a good way of remembering that someone lived.”

"A friend of a friend in another state asked me to do a memorial portrait of her recently deceased husband. After agreeing to it, as I had done before, she asked if I could use the cremation remains in the work - something she believed he would have liked. Tentatively, I said that would be fine."

"I thought I'd have an odd reaction to handling human remains the first time, but it wasn't strange at all. It was just another medium to work in. I wore gloves, handled them respectfully, adhered them to the surface of the painting, and sent the unused portion back."

“Out of respect, I still wear gloves when handling the ashes. And whatever is left over, I am careful to return. I only need about four to six ounces, depending on the canvas. The ashes would go into the background.”

"The majority of people seem to really love the idea and have expressed interest in getting one for a loved one or even having one made for themselves when they pass away."

“People that have the paintings love them; I’ve never had a bad response. It gives them that constant reminder of something they could look at, smile and say, ‘That person meant a lot to me.’”

The paintings could cost anywhere between $300 and $700, depending on size and colors used.

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Source: odditycentral


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