Banksy Food Art by Harley Langberg

NYC-based Harley Langberg recreating some of Banksy street art using various food (mostly eggplant).

"I have always had a strong interest in both food and art. In 2013, I decided to merge these two interests by creating beautiful images using many different ingredients from around the world."

"I am not only creating art, I am also trying to promote the beauty and diversity of all of the various fruits and vegetables in the world in the hopes to encourage people to try new things."

"My goal is to share my work with as many people as possible and bring a little culture, a little fun, and a little joy into everyday life. What started out as a hobby, has evolved into something more. I am doing commissioned pieces, teaching others how to create food art, and incorporating my creations into dinner parties and other events."

“It’s very, very hard to work with eggplant. It spoils very quickly. You have to work against the clock. When it spoils, the eggplant curls. And when you cut it very, very thin, that also curls.”

All images are © Copyright of Harley Langberg

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