Handheld by Jessica Harrison

Edinburgh-based artist Jessica Harrison created a collection of miniature pieces of furniture made from casts of her own skin, titled 'Handheld'.

Each miniature are made from the relief of molded structures duplicated from the palms and backs of her hands so they are seem to be made out of real flesh, skin and hair.

"The furniture pieces are cast from the palms of my hands so the fingerprints you see covering them are mine. It is not real skin, but it is real hair. I experimented for a long time with different materials to get something that looked as close to skin as possible so I can't give away my secret recipe..."

"[They] are particularly unsettling as they can fit so snugly in the hand or in other crevices of the body. This makes them seem more monstrous perhaps than if they were full-scale furniture pieces--the fact that they camouflage so well into your own body. You have to get really close to miniatures so you can get a good look at them and by then it is too late, they are already right next to you before you realize you are looking at skin, hair and teeth."

"The works are often incredibly fragile and delicate, describing the smallest trace of a body on an object: a hair, a touch, a fingerprint. They examine our everyday relationships with the things around us, looking at the delicate traces we leave behind and how this can affect our relationship to objects and to others."

Check her website: www.jessicaharrison.co.uk/


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