Bones Sculptures by Jennifer Trask

New York based artist Jennifer Trask creates sculptures made of bones.

“As the ultimate expression of both physical sensation and emotional sentiment (e.g. ‘I feel it in my bones’), bone is the absolute reductive essence of both life, and death. Initially made of living cells, evolving, incorporating evidence of how we lived, the material itself embodies a latent narrative.”

“Bones linger, sometimes discovered centuries later. While bones seem permanent, they evolve like any cell with an assigned function, bone will break down and re-form, and incorporate evidence of what we ate, how we worked, injuries, traumas, illnesses, and environmental conditions during our lifetime. Lead, copper and iron, among other metals, bind to our bones as obscure mementos of our experiences.”

“I want to make something I believe could be real, something that could have happened on its own.”

“My imagery is derived from my examination of the structures of plant and animal life, from the plainly visible down to microscopic patterns of growth in nature.”

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