Creative Scary Ads

Motor City Nightmares 2012: The Horror Bucket

Advertising Agency Y&R New York created this popcorn bucket that looked like a mans head to promote the Motor City Nightmares 2012 Horror Festivals.

Nishinihon Tenrei - Pressed Flowers Skeleton

Tokyo-based ad agency I&S BBDO was commissioned by Nishinihon Tenrei funeral home to create this beautiful Japanese funeral home ad of a skeleton made with pressed flowers.

13th Street - Stationery of Horror

This set of stationery is designed by Jacques Pense for the most popular crime and horror television channel in Germany, '13th Street'.

13th Street - Bowlingheads Campaign

Another creative ads for the German horror TV channel '13th Street'.

Jung von Matt/Elbe designed special bowling balls together with famous spraygun artist Oliver Paass that look like cut-off heads.

13th Street - Blood bath

See what others don't see. 13th Street. The Action and Suspense Channel.


13th Street - Shivers guaranteed

This execution is a great example of how to prove that scary movies make your hair stand on end.


13th Street – Last Call

Released at April 2010, this interactive ads let the viewers to communicate with virtual characters via mobile call to help them make a decision in order to escape from the horrible scenarios in real time.


Viewer send their phone number for a database, system selects a phone number and phones viewer, then a dialogue between viewer and character take place. The answer are converted into commands and system plays corresponding scene. Although all the scenarios are pre-defined via a huge narrative database, the interactive narrative storyboard structure can offers several branches and different ending to make the user interaction flexibly and deeply into the storyboard.

Autoway Tires: Scariest Ad Ever


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