Creepy Treats

Check some of these awesome creepy treats..

Gruesome Wedding Cake

Cake artist Natalie Sideserf spent forty hours creating this gruesome wedding cake to match her movie-themed wedding.

"We were watching a horror movie, and I was always interested in sculpting lifelike cakes, especially in the face, so I thought, "How neat would it be if I did our severed heads?’"

Source: dailymail

White Chocolate Baby Heads

English food artist Annabel de Vetten created these creepy baby heads made of white chocolate.

”I just pictured ‘dead, milky eyes and skin’ and hit the nail on the so to speak. And creased the mold while it was setting to get a soft, ‘damaged’ effect. So, strangely enough, no challenge! I was a little worried some might think this is going a bit too far. But it’s only chocolate and if someone doesn’t like the shape it’s in, they can just go buy a Mars bar.”

She also made this Marshmallow Brain

Check her website:

Anatomically-Correct Cake

Miss Cakehead, the creative director of an anatomically-correct cake shop, makes all kinds of sick treats, from STD cupcakes to infected toenail cookies.

Check the website:

Brain Burgers

London Chef Mark Jankel of Street Kitchen launched a special food truck that serves brain dishes, called 'the Gory Gourmet', which treats Londoners to dishes made from calf brain, pig’s feet to cow thyroid.

The Gory Gourmet food truck created to celebrate the DVD and BluRay release of zombie thriller series The Walking Dead Season 2.

“We soak it [the brains] in vinegar and salt, powder and fried until golden crispy. I’m not sure whether it can help you more intelligent or not but if you want a change for lunch, try this dish.”

Sugar Cube Skulls

These molded pure cane sugar cube skulls are molded by hand. You can buy them for $3 only from Etsy.

Skull-and-Bones Sugar Cubes

A designer by the name of Snow Violent created these Sugar Skulls, a skull-and-bones shaped sugar cubes.

Check her website:

Sugar Skull Spoon

Hundred Million designed this unique stainless steel spoon.

Check the website:


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