Paint Swatch Art by Peter Combe

San Francisco-based visual artist Peter Combe created detailed portraits using paint swatches, hand-punched into small disks.

By layering the colorful swatches together, these pixelated artworks seem computer generated.

Combe has over 1,100 colors of paint swatch disks that he has organized based on tonal increments and light-reflecting values.

"I am consumed by the subtle magic that occurs when playing with light, color and movement in my art making. Whether punched or shredded, I appropriate household paint swatches and make mostly 3 dimensional artworks."

"These artworks transform and change subtly as the viewer shifts from his/her vantage point."

"There is a magic that occurs, a trick of the eye where color seems to occupy space—a void—at once ethereal, yet seen from another angle the whole appears as if a ghostly image, veiled in gossamer. It is these characteristics that propel me to experiment with the interplay of color, light and movement."

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