Intricate Drawings on Surfboards by Jarryn Dower

Australian artist Jarryn Dower create artwork on old retired surfboards, giving them a new life, using pointillism technique that can take him up to 30 hours to finish.

“I’ve always spent time down at the beach. I’ve always had a love for the beach and the surrounding areas, and to apply it to a surfboard is combining two of my favourite things.”

“I used to make little surfboards out of offcuts of wood and decorate them. They would be 10cm long and I thought it would be a good idea to find old, thrown out surfboards and chuck some artwork on them."

“Some boards I can work on them and complete in five days, but others can take up to a month. It’s a delicate process.”

“Most of my skills are self-taught, but I have studied graphic designing to enhance those skills.”

“I’ve only just started working with surfboards this year. Drawing’s been a passion for much of my life.”

All images are © Copyright of Jarryn Dower


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