Pendulum Project by Paul Wainwright

New Hampshire-based photographer Paul Wainwright created these creative light painting for his series entitled 'Pendulum Project' produced with an LED light attached to the bottom of a large pendulum that swings and sways throughout a designated space.

Wainwright spent two years building an enormous Y-shaped pendulum out of wood and metal in the barn at the back of his house.

To make the large-scale black and white photograph, first he pulls the pendulum up to the side, where he attaches it to a magnet.

Then he lies on the floor, 7ft below the pendulum, and focus his camera upward towards the roof.

He switches on the light source on the pendulum and switches off the magnet remotely, launching the pendulum on its swing. He then switches off the lights in the barn and uses long-exposure photography to document the motions of the pendulum.

All images are © Copyright of Paul Wainwright

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