Food Art by Samantha Lee

Malaysian mother Samantha Lee created these adorable food art for her two young daughters and become an Instagram star with over 312,000 followers on the photo-sharing site.

"I started my very first Bento making in December 2008, when I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter."

"It was to let my elder daughter to eat independently after the arrival of her younger sister. I was very lucky and blessed that my creations never failed to impress my elder daughter and it made her looked forward to the next meal. Now, she has her little sister fighting over which character they should get during mealtime. It makes meal time extremely fun."

"I've never been to any cooking class or training before. I'm a very ordinary stay (at) home mom."

“(I) didn't expect it to grow so much. I'm thankful for what is happening to me at the moment.”

"I love to make something practical. Something for everyone to be able to follow."

"I learned that food art for kids shouldn't just look decorative and fancy. It should also taste as good as it looks."

All images are © Copyright of Samantha Lee

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Source: dailymail


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