Crystal Engraving by Mark Raynes Roberts

Canadian artist Mark Raynes Roberts engraves gorgeous scenes onto pieces of crystal.

“Crystal continues to intrigue me. It’s a man-made material – one that has changed the world technologically. But for me as an artist, it is a canvas that provides limitless properties for narrative landscapes, both spiritual and natural, real and surreal. It can reflect and distort, and the signature techniques of ancient engraving which I use – a combination of diamond-wheel and stipple – convey a message that is at once ethereal and complex."

"My work has evolved naturally in style over the years as I have constantly tried to push boundaries to find new ways of interpretation."

"The highly detailed engravings I created in my early career provided valuable experience both in technique and the understanding of materials. The refractive qualities of crystal, the perfect multi-faceted canvas for what I now refer to as dreamscapes of our collective conscience. This evolution in my engraving style has been informed from traveling the world and viewing the amazing beauty of nature in all its forms, and my own deep interest in the human spirit and how we relate to the rhythms of life which connect us all to the world in which we live."

All images are © Copyright of Mark Raynes Roberts

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