What Have you Got in Your Head? by Sara Asnaghi

Milan-based artist Sara Asnaghi has created a series of brain sculptures called 'What Have you Got in Your Head?'.

Sandwich (bread crumbs and painted clay)

Each sculpture measuring 6.69 in x 4.72 in (or 17 cm x 12 cm) and made of different edible items.

Bread with herring

"My work is basically inspired by two things. The first is the famous quote of philosopher Feuerbach 'We are what we eat', but viewed from the standpoint of genetic mutation."


"So I imagined a strange world where people (in this case a specific organ of the person) got transformed into the food they eat."


"The second is the fact that rich countries are literally flooded by all kinds of food, and advertising encourages us to eat more and more. We think about food or we think about how to lose weight, and when we try to lose weight, we only think about food."



Hemp seeds

Black rice

Bird seed



Red lentils

Polenta (cornmeal)

Star-shaped Pasta


Vermicelli soy


Plaster and pharmaceutical leaflet

Rice and nori seaweed

Maasdammer Cheese

Pea soup with sausage (snert) brain

Rice, potatoes and mussels

Source: Mind the Brain


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