Scrap Metal Sculptures by Ban Hun Lek

Thailand metal workshop Ban Hun Lek produced these amazing sculptures out of scrap metal.

“The inspiration behind Hulk came from a popular buddha statue he’d made many years ago.”

“Phairote wanted to create something new, powerful but using the same flat washer technique as before. The biggest challenge was to create something so tall (2.6m) that could support its own weight.”

“This wasn’t an easy design to make and it took many revisions before Phairote was happy with it. He’s especially proud of the weathered coloring and the shapes of each defined muscle.”

“In total this took 4 months to conceptualize, build, test, refine and complete. Despite the attention Phairote has garnered, Hulk now rests privately in Phairote’s garden.”

“Phairote has frustrated many fans by refusing to sell this masterpiece. ‘One day I may sell it’ he explains, ‘but after putting all my heart into this for so long, I want to take my time to reflect on and enjoy this piece just for myself.‘”

“What sets Ban Hun Lek apart from other workshops is that Phairote remains strictly and stubbornly an independent artist. Although his business is hectic, Phairote insists to take 2 days a week on experimental designs.”

“This is work he completes on his own and work can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding. Phairote can spend months perfecting a new fabrication technique, tearing down as many as 60 statues until he’s satisfied.”

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