Words Can be Weapons

The Center for Psychological Research, Shenyang and Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing (“O&M”) have joined hands to launch a creative campaign called ‘Words can be Weapons’ that turns Chinese words into weapons to show the serious and detrimental effects of verbal abuse.

O&M worked with renowned artist and professor Yong Xie from Shenyang to handcraft those hurtful words out of hard nickel-plated steel in such a way that they can be reassembled into the shapes of actual weapons that the teens later used to commit their crimes. These demonstrates how abusive words can actually become weapons.

“Verbal abuse is a kind of emotional abuse that is learned behaviour. Unless the cycle is broken, the lasting effects can extend into adulthood and the abuse will likely be passed on from one generation to the next,” said Dr. Jun He Jiang, Director.

“Verbal abuse of children is like setting off a time bomb. It explodes only much later, long after the ORIGINAL perpetrator has left the scene. And it is society that pays the price, as is evident from the rising rate of juvenile crime,” said Juggi Ramakrishnan, Ogilvy and Mather’s executive creative director in Beijing.

“We really needed to tell this ‘cycle-of-violence’ story in a way that will make people sit up and take notice.”

The word-weapons were showcased at an interactive exhibition in a shopping centre in Shenyang where shoppers and passersby can see and interacted with the word transforming into weapons and engaged through touch screens and tablets on-site. More than 600 people participated in the two-day event.

Check the website: http://www.wordscanbeweapons.com/

Source: Ogilvy, Huffingtonpost, Pacificguardians 


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