Wildlife Paintings by Karen Laurence-Rowe

Self-taught artist Karen Laurence-Rowe paints these beautiful African wildlife paintings.

"I am a self-taught artist – and the mistakes and “happy accidents” made along the way, have become intrinsic to my style of painting. The passion I have for my subject matter seems to grow with each painting – and the terrifying thing is, that as fast as I can paint the beautiful beasts and vistas of this continent – they are as quickly disappearing to the pressures of humanity and poaching. I feel the need to record it in paint – and quickly – before it is lost to us forever."

Karen Laurence-Rowe has become one of Kenya's leading wildlife artists. She was born in Uganda, daughter to a civil engineer. Her family lived an almost a nomadic existence, moving around East Africa.

"The beauty of Africa is ingrained in my blood—I love its untamed and often harsh beauty—its unpredictability. Africa is changing so fast—we are losing so much, I feel compelled to get it down—now—before it is lost forever."

All images are © Copyright of Karen Laurence-Rowe

Check her website: http://www.karenlaurence-rowe.com/


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