Hyperrealistic Selfies by Eloy Morales

Spanish painter Eloy Morales creates large hyperrealistic oil paintings of himself smeared with various types of mediums and colors.

So real it’s hard to believe they’re paintings.

“I am interested in working on reality through the use of pictorial codes, previously understanding that it is a false relation and I always keep in mind that painting is an independent expression. Finding a meeting point that truly represents my vision keeps me going on painting.”

Eloy patiently works through tiny sections at a time, filling in paint and blending as he goes.

"Many people think that my work is based on details, but it is not that way. For me the secret is in the correct valuation of tones. Tonal transition must be smooth to avoid abrupt cuts."

Besides the self- portraits he creates, he also uses family and friends as models.

Check his website: http://www.eloymorales.es/

Images taken from here


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