Pyrography by Eben Cavanagh Rautenbach

Eben Cavanagh Rautenbach, aka LeRoc, creates beautiful Pyrography artworks.

"I started out with a lighter and a nail held firmly in place with a pair of pliers! My aunt later gave me an old soldering iron and that was me hooked. I have no formal education and my style is definately influenced by a mixture of my graffiti background and surroundings."

"I work from a tiny bedroom turned studio with the forest only a stone's throw away. It's this easy access to nature that keeps me inspired. I try and take full advantage of the fact that I am lucky enough to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis wether it be out surfing, snowboarding ,mountain biking or even a simple stroll through the woods with my wife."

"I love what I do for a living and I hope my passion for art shows in every piece I produce."

All images are © Copyright of Eben Cavanagh Rautenbach

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