Hand Cut Paper Works by Lisa Rodden

Sunshine Coast based artist, Lisa Rodden, creates these unique paper art with patterns and designs that are hand cut into layers of stacked paper.

The process involves having two overlapping layers. The bottom layer is the painting layer, painted using acrylic, with white paper being used as the top layer.

She then carefully slice, cut and fold specific of the covering paper, revealing some of the paint below, creating a strikingly precise interplay of color and shadow.

"This work offers hope through strength. It is a reminder that with perseverance and patience we are able to work through the hardships in life to emerge stronger, wiser and better for it. It is also a work in peace and flow allowing the mind to wander and to daydream which should be given as much priority as food but is usually dismissed."

All images are © Copyright of Lisa Rodden

Check her website: www.lisarodden.com


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