Balancing Sculpture by Jerzy Kediora (JOTKA)

Poland-born artist Jerzy Kediora (JOTKA) created these magnificent sculptures of acrobats precariously hang in mid-air at Kinetica Art Fair in the UK.

His sculptures were balanced on a simple strip of wire.

"Balancing Sculptures by JOTKA amuse and attract, but above all, they balance," says Kinetica Art Fair.

"Balancing between horizontal and vertical lines, they blend in with the architectural and interior design and become a part of the municipal scenery."

"The sculptures are not classically beautiful: they are interesting, grotesque and true like circus actors. Their greatest strength lies in this ambiguity."

"The secret of balancing sculptures is that the centre of gravity lies below the fulcrum, making it impossible for a sculpture to fall off the line."

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