Realistic Wood Carving by Randall Rosenthal

Long Island, N.Y., based artist Randall Rosenthal created these jaw-dropping wood sculptures made of Vermont white pine and acrylic paint.

"The sculptures I create have no meaning other than trying to create a very strong visual image. I have my own reasons why I think it works but I prefer other meanings are provided by the viewer."

"I don't work from photos and mostly there is no model either. Generally they are made up in my minds eye and created in a reductive process, making it up as I go."

"My hope is they will seem real from a short distance the fact that they are common objects helps in this regard. But on close inspection I don't try and hide the fact they are wood."

"Most dimensions and angles are freehand. My thinking is if it looks right to me its right enough. Because of this they are NOT hyper- realistic but only give the illusion of being so."

"My work is completely reductive. I start with a solid block and remove material until it is done."

"Painting is the opposite and I paint until I am satisfied. It should be noted however that often the painting has as little room for error as the carving. I am a surfer and a snowboarder and the physical challenge of my work is an important component."

For this box of money, Randall Rosenthal takes three pieces of white pine and glues them together.

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Source: rh+artmagazine.


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