Crayon Sculptures by Diem Chau

Seattle artist Diem Chau carved delicate sculptures of animals and people on colored crayons.

"After art school I was doing research into American folk art where people sit and whittle. I had a box of crayons sitting on my desk and I started carving on them, and it was wonderful. The wax was soft, easy to carve, and as soon as I made a cut, there was a facet to the crayon. It was nice and shiny, just like a gem."

This Northwest Natives Alphabet Set is a collection of 52 individually carved crayons representing every letter of the alphabet along with an associated word starting with each letter.

A is for Aquilegia (Columbine)
B is for Bald Eagle
C is for Cougar
D is for Dogwood
E is for Elk
F is for Fox
G is for Grizzly Bear

Diem Chau completed the artworks for an exhibition at the G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle.

H is for Heron
I is for Iris
J is for Juniper
K is for Killer Whale
L is for Lynx
M is for Mountain Goat

"Since the show is in the Pacific Northwest I thought I'd make a tribute to my neck of the woods. Every letter is paired with species that is native to the PNW (Pacific Northwest). It was a really fun project to put together and learned a lot about the local wild life... X and Z were especially hard to find."

N is for Northern Spotted Owl
O is for Otter
P is for Painted Turtle
Q is for Quinault Tribe
R is for Rhododendron
S is for Salmon
T is for Timberwolf

U is for Urchin
V is for Viola
W is for Wolf Eel
X is for Xanthogrammica (Giant Green Anemone)
Y is for Yuma myotis (Vesper Bat)
Z is for Zapus princeps (Western Jumping Mouse)

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