Ballpoint Pen and Gold Leaf Drawings by Rebecca Yanovskaya

Toronto-based artist Rebecca Yanovskaya creates these amazing ballpoint pen and gold leaf drawings on Moleskine for her Winged series.

Ascent of Man and the Destruction of Magic

"I have planned three pieces in the first installment of Winged. In broad terms, the three moods I hoped to convey were a high energy ('Ascent'), a low ('Descent') and a neutral, which will be the next piece titled 'The Guardian'. I enjoyed this world and its characters so much, though, that I'd love to explore them in a second series of three."

Descent of Man

"When I plan an illustration I always create a story to give context to the scene. In 'Ascent of Man', I saw a time where magic reigned supreme but was suddenly destroyed by the overwhelming force of the winged being's presence -- the very landscape disintegrating from its intensity. With 'Descent of Man' I attempted a subtler feeling. I tried to depict willful submission between two equally strong forces, with the winged creature demonstrating conscious respect in its flared wings. As I work on the pieces it helps me to keep these ideas in mind."

All images are © Copyright of Rebecca Yanovskaya

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