Another Collection of 360° Flipbook by Yusuke Oono

The German-based Japanese architect Yusuke Oono created incredible 360° picture books by using a laser cutter. We first saw his artworks in this post, now he comes with another artworks. Check it out :)

360°Book Sweet Home

"The initial idea of this 360 degree book is Expressing one scene of story in 3 dimensional way using a whole page of book."

"I design my products, by 3d CAD which is used for architecture design. This time, I tried to find something new system to express dimensions in real life. The landscape such as ground and tree in 360 degree book is made as 3d object (like a cray model) in computer and I sliced them by rotating plane."

"Finally, each sections are used as pages of the book. With this system, everyone who opens the book can enjoy it and is surprised by the dramatic transformation."

360°Book Jungle Book

360°Book In a Cheese

Check his website:


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