Paperclips Sculpture by Pietro D'Angelo

Italian artist Pietro D'Angelo uses paperclips to create figurative sculptures.

He created a wire frame and attached large quantities of paperclips.

Each statue contains about 12,000 paper clips and some are more than 1.8m (6ft) tall.

It took him up to 12 weeks to create each figurine.

"Although these items weren’t used in their usual context, they didn’t lose their original functions – paper clips are still hooked, screws are turned."

He used to buy iron paper clips from office supply stores, but now he uses stainless steel ones that are made for him by a paper clip factory.

"I love creating these sculptures as it gives me the opportunity to create and think of new sculptures at any time."

"I also love experimenting with new objects I’ve never used before."

All images are © Copyright of Pietro D'Angelo

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Source: metro


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