Word Portraits by Huy Lam

Vietnamese-born photographer and artist Huy Lam uses 4 point type to create these incredible portraits by using words and phrases that describe the subject and repeating them.

"From afar, you see a portrait of Nelson Mandela which looks like it could be a pencil or charcoal drawing. But as you walk closer and closer, you realize it's created from a different media. After further inspection, parts of words start to emerge on top of layers of other fragmented words until finally, the completed word emerges, reading 'my hero'. Nelson Mandela is my hero and I created a portrait of him composed of only these words."

"This image of Nelson Mandela was my first image that I created with type. I used the words "My Hero" because I've always admired him and wanted to express my admiration through words. I highly recommend the movie Invictus if you've never seen it."

"A portrait of Che Guevara is created from the words 'bought a T-shirt' because I've also bought the iconic T-shirt when I was young and rebellious."

"Heath Ledger, the late actor who played The Joker in The Dark Night was created from the words 'such a shame' because of his unexpected early death."

"Darth Vader may be Luke Skywalker's father, but he certainly is "Not My Father" :)"

"This is my favorite piece that I've done so far. I really wanted to do something different with lots of color and a Van Gogh painting was perfect. I had to create 42 brushes and it took me close to 40 hours to complete because of the details. It was at The National Gallery in Ottawa where I saw Van Gogh's iris series that I really appreciated his work and realized that he is truly a GENIUS."

"I hope by creating images through words it will provoke thought, discussion and even laughter."

All images are © Copyright of Huy Lam

Check his website: http://huylamart.blogspot.com/


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