Amazing Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Hong-Kong based artist Johnson Cheung-shing Tsang hand-crafted these amazing sculptures made of ceramics and stainless steel.

Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, “human beings” and “objects”, into creative themes.

For his 'Living Clay' exhibition, he made an interactive works consist of 3 sculptures.

When people make noise in front of this sculpture, she will start to 'Shh…'

This sculpture can cry, and she cries even harder when more visitors stand in front of her. The cup underneath will cry too when the water level is up to his eyes.

This sculpture can kiss. When you get close to him, he will kiss you gently by blowing some wind of your face.

All images are © Copyright of Johnson Tsang

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