Liquid Drop Art by Corrie White

Photographer Corrie White creates beautiful images of perfectly timed and captured splash.

"To get a good water drop shape, I can get one almost immediately, however, these days, to get something new and unique it will take a lot longer than before. How far can it go to get something different? A lot of what I shoot I already have on my computer so I don’t keep many. I hope for something totally unique, so I experiment with liquid additives, colors and settings and test the system to the limits to see what else is there that I don’t already have in my archives."

"I started doing drops manually with a medicine dropper. After a year I moved on to electronics with the Time Machine and Drip Kit. After a couple of weeks working with this, I came up with the first three drop water shape which had never been done before and from this came a lot of new shapes in the world of water drops."

"I then started using guar gum as a water thickener to stabilize the liquid which worked very well. I now use xanthan gum which is similar to guar gum. As a surfactant to reduce water tension, I found Nature Clean lotion which worked wonders for the shapes and again, allowed me to discover even more new water sculptures."

"At the moment I am using four Yongnou flashes. Speedlite flashes are the most common for this type of photography. You need flashes that can give you a burst of light at approximately 1/25,000th of a second. This is what freezes the motion in high speed photography."

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Source: inktechnologies


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