Photographic Specimens by Michael Mapes

New York-based artist Michael Mapes creates collages made of thousands of dissecting photographs and then compartmentalizing individual fragments within plastic bags, glass vials, magnifiers, in gelatin capsules and on insect pins and assembled them into a great artwork.

Each piece consists of countless materials that have been pinned to a board.

Mapes recreates these dutch portraits piece by piece, using countless collage materials like shredded photos, tiny gelatin capsules, glass vials, sequins, dried botanical matter, insect pins, eyelashes and hair.

"The samples are part of my most recent series of work examining Dutch Master Portraiture. In this work, I deconstruct the original subject, in both a figurative and literal sense by dissecting photos of a painting and considering ways in which the parts might serve to inspire new parts within the reconstruction to suggest unique and complex meanings."

"I’ve done these works with the use of a visual metaphor suggesting a pseudoscientific method specifically working with materials and processes signifying entomological, biological and forensic science."

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